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Apply now for
A Bespoke Experience


BDSM&Fetish Session

London Dinner


  • 90min

  • 2hr

  • 3hr





  • 2hr

  • 3hr



Central London


  • 5hr

  • £100 per extra hour

  • 1hr Introductory Session...  £300

European Diner

Overnight Date 

Central London &European cities

  • 16hr

  • £100 per extra hour


Central Location


  • 4hr

  • £100 per extra hour

Our Sinful rendez-vous...

             e'll start with our high-standards date with unbearable teasing, I'll be dressed in an incredibly alluring manner, you will see me arriving the step assured, turning heads on my way to you. I will leave you time to admire my catwalk, your ego will be flattered to know this Goddess will spend an indescriptible moment with your person. I'll sense it and will remember it for what's to come later.
I will present myself and come very close to you so you won't stop blushing and indulge into your very own Female Domination dreams while humming the scent of my French fragrance. 
We'll get comfortable around fine drinks, you'll have the honour to know more about my mysterious self and unique personality, you will even dream for a second of what your life would look at my side, or at my feet... 
You'll be allowed to spoil me and take me shopping, maybe something utterly feminine and sexy for later. We finally head back to your 4-5star hotel room to begin the real play...

You confess your sins or thoughts of sins to Mistress Sasha, She will smile and look to your eyes. She's asking details with a terrifying precision. She knows what you are. Your blood boils up, your cheeks blush, your heart beat races, your underpants tighten. You are trapped, undressed by Mistress Sasha dark eyes. Nowhere to hide, no way you'll ever forget that encounter.


Mistress Sasha