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Genuine, authentic and open minded I welcome everyone fantasies, kinks, vices with encouragement and the biggest care, without judgement and little to no limitation.

I am a poised young lady who's maturity exceed all expectations with a tremendous knowledge of life and mastery of the arts and the science. I am born and raised a free spirit constantly defying norms and redefining the rules.

It is My destiny to rule, educate, discipline and care for My servants.

Fully aware of My natural dominance, My mesmerising beauty and My unique spirit. I'm here to put you on your knees and make you worship My glorious self and fulfil my every desires.

I glow, I impress, I arouse all creatures, you are no exception.

When I walk in the room everyone behave, you will do so.

When I speak everyone listen, you will pay attention.

I have submitted powerful and successful men and women across the world France, Spain, Germany, United States, Estonia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Middle-East,...
My successful journey has been served by high society, public figures, and anonymous males, females, transgenders.
All responding to the same law : the one I set, the one I rule. 

As a fetishist, Myself, I am more than legitimate to understand your deep desires and allow incredible compassion to My loyal servants to create the safest, fairest, bond to be cherish forever.

I've learned, explored, mastered My sensual art on My own and with the support of My loyal servants and curious kinksters. I had the pleasure to mesmerise every of My servants and fellow dommes who will remember Me as long as they breath for sure.

I hereby invite you to be part of the eternal bliss to serve Me once in this life, I invite you to eexperience the ultimate French sensuality.

- Mistress Sasha Vice.

Bravery . Pleasure . Kink . Discipline . Empowerment . Love


     ifestyle and professional femdom based in London, UK. Mistress Sasha Vice, originally from France started her journey into Fetish &BDSM at a the age of 17 and took it to the International thanks to Her success amongst fetishists and submissives. 
Now on her
7th year into the scene, Mistress Sasha Vice has broaden and perfected her styles through various adult medias and disciplines, although strongly convinced Her journey will continuously bring Her new skills and understandings.

No doubt Mistress Sasha Vice will appears to you as an extremely well versed knowledgeable young lady, who's obsession for uniqueness, awareness and skilfulness makes Her stand from the crowd... Well that and Her mile-high legs !
Mistress Sasha Vice intense passion for eroticism, sensuality and hedonism is best expressed through art, science, literature that she all conveys into Her
mastery of Bondage, Domination, Submission, Sadism, Masochism.
Above everything else She has dedicated Her life since the age of four to be the greatest living creature of them all. Mistress Sasha's most dangerous weapon is Herself, irresistible, magnetic, weakening creature of mystical roots.

Mistress Sasha Vice perpetually seeks for perfectionism, as She prides Herself for mastering with an unfair ease everything... everyone... She has no mercy to the faulty, the perfectible. Which means to Her servants, there will be no rest for them until they've fulfilled their tasks with their sincerest devotion and hardest efforts to please Mistress.
That is the natural order Mistress Sasha Vice is entitled to in Her everyday life, making Her as humble and honest as a great ruler can possibly be.

Raised in a matriarchal environment, Mistress Sasha Vice considers - by being a true dominant female, accessing to the pure compassion and rightest guidance Her servants need to be safe.


Under Her wings you will grow a better person, at Her feet you will learn from the best. As your Goddess, Sasha Vice will consider your wishes and will give you what you truly need... Once you've looked into Her dark brown eyes and realised you won't be able to hide your true self to Her, you will surrender to begin the greatest journey of all :

Worship Mistress Sasha.


State of the Art

Intelligence . Beauty . Individuality . Creativity . Volupty

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